Sunday, November 29, 2009

Result of Arabic Class [Sunday - Nov. 29. 2009]

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem
asalamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu

الحمد لله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات

Just as i shared my notes, i thought i should share with you the result of the class too.

and before i do that, i want to say, Jazakum Allahu khayran kathiran wa barak Allahu feekum jiddan for making dua for me and for having such a high hope about me. My sisters - from my class or other than it, all of them - may Allah reward you for thinking so good of me.

May Allah not hold me accountable for what people say of, and make me better than what people think of me, and forgive me for what they not know of. 



Alhamdulillah, with the tawpiq of Allah, i did do well in my exam. and i did leave the class with much knowledge Alhamdulillah. Although i really really wanted to win the first place and so did my sisters wished and hoped that i will win the first place, but out of great Wisdom of Allah, i was destined to make few silly mistakes [though i knew the correct answers], thus i was left to win the Second Place. 

Alhamdulillah, i am no less happy.

and the Sister who won the first place was not from Second Level of Students but First Level. so my competition wasn't with her and she had totally different exam than mine.

so from her level, she is first lady
and from my level, i am first. alhamdulillah

[i am happy no one from my level beat me, although i was worried one sister would do that. i am wondering, why she didn't and i hope she got 3rd place at least. she was good mash-allah and she gave in the exam late - so she had all the time she needed to check and recheck her exam]


You want to see the certificate, i don't know what i will do with it. i had 2 other from 2 other classes from past and when i was cleaning the room, i threw them away.

untitled.png picture by ojana

But the money insha-Allah that will go for my books insha-Allah.
and i told my sister to get sweets for my family.

my grade was 96 out of 100
and for speaking i knew the sister who own the first place got the same grade as me, 29 out of 30.
She is native Egyptian also. mash-Allah. She wanted to learn Classical [Fusha Arabic] that's why i think she took the class.

Let me tell the mistakes i made:
the word أعرب has 2 meaning, one: to put correct voewling on words and another is to give grammatical analysis of a word in the sentence.

So in our Exam we were suppose to do that and i just knew of the first meaning and the second meaning i didn't remember as i learned it over the summer and the teacher did not say to explaain the detail by adding an extra sentence as he did for level One.

so for first 3 sentences i did whole analysis as there wasn't any vowel mark to add and for last 2 i just added vowel mark. when my teacher mentioned this to me during the speaking exam, i was pretty sad and i kept saying what i understood but anyway, he took of 2 points for that.

and another mistake was: كان - i can't believe i made such a mistakes. the question was to make a sentence with kana, and in first reading, i did not notice it and i wrote a jumla ismiya, and then in second or after couple of reading, i noticed it, i think my brain went blank to see such a mistake, so i added kana at the beginning of the sentence and instead of changing the kabar to mansub - i changed mubtada to mansub.

i knew i could make silly mistakes so i looked over the exam few times before gave in but in each look i never noticed that error.

when teacher told me during speaking exam, i just felt like, that error was destined to be made. 

and i lost One point in speaking exam because he gave a word and i made the sentence without thinking very fast, although i corrected myself right way, he took of a point. humm!! 

But Alhamdulillah.

my father went with me to the masjid, everything wasn't organized today, one of the main admin wasn't there and brother yaseen came late. i was very happy to see his new daughter mash-allah. really wanted to see her and the other daughter.

and This is it.

There is one lesson notes i want to share but just delaying it. maybe i will or no. i don't know. 

May Allah grant us beneficial knowledge and righteous actions and guide us to what is best for us in our Deen, Duniya and Akira. 

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